Health Care

We offer different sorts of health check-ups together with hospitals and clinics in different parts of Finland. In addition to the general health check-ups, we can also offer more specific check-ups and screenings on request.

Health Check-up for Female

The health check-up for women consist of blood tests that will find out if you have possible anemia, infections, chronic diseases or risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The test describes the body’s iron reservoir, liver function, kidney function, thyroid function and vitamin deficiencies. Also effects on bones, hearth, teeth, nerves and muscles will be checked. The check-up can also include mammological exams, gynaecological exams, contagious diseases exams or sexually transmitted diseases exams. The tests include both consultation and recommendations for aftercare.

Health Check-up for Male

The health check-up for men consist of blood tests that will find out if you have anemia, infections, risk of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. The tests also describes the function of the liver, kidney and thyroid, and takes a look at mind-fullness, muscle strength, bones and sexual function. Additionally tests can be made for contagious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. The tests include consultation and recommendations for aftercare.

Diabetes Wellbeing Package

Improve diabetes control and reduce the risk for diabetes related diseases by learning skills and techniques to help manage diabetes. Learn what changes should be made both physically and mentally. After medical examination and measurements by experts in diabetes, an individual program to support wellbeing goals will be set. Benefits include reduced risk of diabetes, weight loss, healthier eating, increased energy levels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and above all, improved wellbeing and quality of life.

Kruunupuisto Health Resort is among Finland’s oldest rehabilitation centres. Kruunupuisto provides an advanced range of health assessments combining high-tech equipments and specialist expertise. Located in one of Finland’s most picturesque place next to the ridge landscape and Lake Saimaa; gives you excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation.

DNA Health Test

Dna tests will show you what kind of lifestyle, nutrition and exercise suites you as well as what possible health risks you have and how to manage them. With our service you get practical tools, how to optimise your lifestyle, exercising and nutrition to match your genetic profile and present state of health. The DNA test is an easy saliva test from the mouth.

Nordic Genex is a leading Finnish company offering DNA-tests and holistic consultation for people, who want to live a healthy life. Scientific work of Nordic Genex is led by Mrs. Maili Lepola (IFMCP) who is the only certified practitioner of the Institute of Functional Medicines in Scandinavia. In addition Maili Lepola is one of the leading DNA-scientists in Europe.