Luova Finland is a Finnish medical service facilitator. We offer our services mainly to Chinese-speaking customers. Our services include facilitating appointments for treatments and check-ups, translation of medical documents and on-site translation, planning travel itinerary, booking accommodation and activities, accompanying patient with possible family or friends and more. We are very proud of the personalised services that we can provide you. Our services have been divided into four categories: medical care, health care, wellbeing and sports.

Why choose us?

Save Time

By choosing us we will help you save time, by finding the best place for your medical and health related needs. You don’t need to worry about finding the rights place specialised in the specific area that you are looking for as we will do it for you. We have a vast network of hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation and wellbeing centres, sports facilities and more that we cooperate with. Neither do you have to figure out the appointment system nor be afraid of a language barrier. The appointment’s will be scheduled for you by our local experts and you do not have to wait long to see a doctor. You will receive effective treatments promptly. 

Patient Centred Care

In Finland patients are taken well care of. For medical related needs you will receive a personalised treatment plan in the beginning. Everything can be translated and you will be accompanied by a translator to ensure that nothing is misunderstood from both sides during doctors appointments or treatments. 

Safe & Clean

Finland is one of the safest countries in the world. Finland has also been voted the happiest country in the world 2020, now two years in a row. And to top that off, Finland has the best surroundings for recovering from treatments; you can choose from one of the thousand lakes, to a private island in the archipelago to a cottage in Lapland’s wilderness with aurora borealis dancing above and everything in between. The air quality in Finland is excellent and the water so clean that you can drink it straight from the tap.

Patient Service Path

Step 1: Sending patients medical records to the hospital or clinic. Consulting the top experts for a preliminary treatment plan.

Step 2: Patient support before trip including education, full travel itinerary, appointment scheduling, accommodation and activity booking.

Step 3: Accompany patient from the moment they arrive in Finland until departure. Taking care of any requests. 

Step 4: Maintaining communication between hospital and patient even after the trip. Facilitating follow-ups and after-care if needed. 


We cannot guarantee that the patient will be cured of all diseases after the treatment, however we believe that the Finnish hospitals and medical experts represent the best option. We do not accept all customers before consulting with our medical partners.

Image copyright Visit Finland & Harri Tarvainen