Finland has lots to offer to sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. We can offer different programs for both individuals and teams. Below you can find some information about our sports services.

Sports Events

Finland offers sports events throughout the year. The main sports events that we can assist with are marathon and other running events. Reasons for running in Finland includes clean air, exceptionally long summer days, beautiful nature and high quality events. Running events include the Helsinki Marathon, the Helsinki Half Marathon, Finlandia Marathon and Pyhän Olavin Marathon. Services that can be included in sports events are working out with locals, pre- and post-event activities and medical examinations.

Training Camps

Sports camps can be arranged for individuals who would like to have personal couching or teams who would like to work on their team work with the best sports professionals in Finland. The camp can last from one day to several weeks. Finland has especially good sports facilities and sports experts in the following fields: ice hockey, skiing, ski jumping, snow boarding, equestrian sports, orienteering, floorball, golf, running, cycling, track & field, swimming and sailing.

Physical Tests

Support your training through fitness tests, coaching and sports physiotherapy services, regardless of sport and fitness level. Services include health examinations, nutrition conseling, body composition measuring, and testing endurance through e.g. maximal oxygen uptake test.

Sports DNA Tests

Sports DNA testing has been on the rise especially in football, where football clubs are looking for an advantage. Athletes and coaches benefit from knowing about risk factors, performance and potential, metabolism, and how to best motivate the athlete. The DNA test results allows the club to work out muscle problems and to put together fitness programmes tailored for each player. Nutrition, nutritional supplements and lifestyle is also taken into account. 

Diagnosis and Treatments

Professional athletes should get the best possible care there is to properly heal after an injury. Finnish sports medicine experts have high expertise and they will make sure that the after-care is as superior as is the diagnosis and treatment of the injury.

The Mehiläinen Sports Injury Clinic is specialised in musculoskeletal diseases. Top athletes from both Finland and abroad have been treated successfully, including David Beckham, former English professional footballer. The quality care includes state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and know-how, and top-notch surgical and rehabilitation services. The team of sports injury specialists are deeply committed to upholding only the very highest standards of sports injury treatment and expertise. Many of the doctors are known for their pioneering treatment methods throughout the country.

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