We can offer unique Finnish wellbeing services. One activity that we particularly recommend when visiting Finland is trying the sauna, as it is an important part of Finnish culture. You haven’t really been in Finland, if you haven’t visited a sauna.


Immerse in the sauna experience together with local experts that will let you know about the health benefits and sauna manners. There are many types of saunas in Finland; most common being electric, wood-heated and smoke saunas. After a trip to the sauna you will have cleansed both your body and your mind. Another experience combined to the sauna is swimming in a lake or in the sea all year a round. In the winter you can try ice-swimming or even go roll in the snow for an extreme hot-cold-treatment.

Super Cold Treatment

Experience what -120 degrees Celsius feels like. Cold treatment has a long history and has been used mainly for pain relief. Some of the other benefits include treating rheumatic diseases, sleeping disorders, stress symptoms and various skin diseases. The treatment is safe, suitable for most people and takes about 1-3 minutes. Professional staff will supervise the treatment.


Free the brain from constant noise and information and let the body relax in a weightless environment. The floating pool is filled with salty water that keeps the body floating while you can rest comfortably, meditate or get inspired by new ideas. The floating pools are of highest quality and most advanced in Finland. Some of the benefits include decreasing blood pressure, pain relief, helps with sleeplessness, accelerate sports performance recovery, reduce stress, depression and anxiety as well as improve concentration, creativity, learning and memory.

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